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Learning the relevance in heritage values

I was convinced preservation and heritage values were for the elitists. They were things far beyond my grasp that required a doctorate to participate or even comprehend. Granted, those things might help with understanding some of the extensive terminology that is often tossed around the Park Service office where I currently intern, but they are not a necessity.

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The 1st Law of Hometown Dynamics: You ALWAYS go home again

By Jeff Guin

So many people fight to be something or somewhere else that what they know. That includes me. We chafe against everything we are and ever knew. We only want whatever the opposite might be. Somehow the struggle seems even more heated for those of us raised “down home” where ideals are passed-down, deepfried and embedded in concrete.

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Exploring Archaeology on the Social Web

With the increase in social networking and interactive web-based systems over the past few years, archaeology has in general been slow on the uptake, however, there were those there at the start and those that are catching on to the potential, with more appearing on a weekly basis. They range from the stunning, innovative and genuinely useful, which get filed under favourite to those that may have the best intentions but miss the point completely.

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Archaeology 2.0: Open Context Means Deeper Connections to Broader Audiences

First off, I want to thank Jeff for inviting me to share a guest post on this blog. Although I appreciate the medium, I find that between parenthood, endless grant writing and reviewing, and working on Open Context, I’ve got less time than I’d like for blogging. By background, I’m an archaeologist with a PhD […]

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