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Paisley’s Past, Part II: Building the team, organizational support and funding

As I mentioned in my first post for Voices of the Past, the Paisley’s Past Project is a community archaeology project that I am in the process of organising. The focus will be on the town centre of Paisley, Scotland’s largest town. It is planned that this project will highlight the importance of the town […]

Carla Bruni (3)

Meet the Blogger: Carla Bruni of “The Green Preservationist”

Carla Bruni is an historic preservationist, architectural historian, soon-to-be energy rater, and neurotic volunteer, and in this Heritage Blogger profile, she discusses how she combines her passions to create a hospitable environment to discuss preservation-related ideas in her blog, The Green Preservationist. Carla hopes to bridge the gap between historic preservationists and green building advocates…one […]


Meet the Blogger: Lynne Thomas of “Confessions of a Curator”

Lynne Thomas is the Head of Rare Books and Special Collections at Northern Illinois University, a teaching and research collection with a special emphasis on American popular culture materials from the 19th and 20th centuries. At Confessions of a Curator, she blogs about collections and the social web. She is the co-author with Beth M. Whittaker of Special Collections 2.0, which examines Web 2.0 tech for cultural heritage collections, from Libraries Unlimited.

lorelle vanfossen

Two days with a power blogger: learning the art of expression, connection and influence

Power blogger Lorelle VanFossen came to the National Park Service office where I intern and taught a day-and-a-half workshop on the art of blogging and its uses in the heritage field. Lorelle stood in front of us and asked, “what do you say when someone says they have a blog?” Without missing a beat, one participant responded, “ask if there is a cure.” That sudden burst of laughter broke the ice as we all discussed our thoughts on how blogging could potentially help the organization. Some responded with, “I don’t know; I am here to learn the answer” or “Because my boss told me to.” But then we started discussing how blogging could help us reach a wider audience.

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