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Finding your online voice to advocate for heritage resources

Heritage: It’s about context–the people, places and things that define you. From the grassroots standpoint, it’s about developing the openness to expand your personal view of what heritage is and to advocate for those resources that may not have a direct bearing on your own experience. Social media is giving birth to the next evolution […]

david connolly

David Connolly V-log: Building on Tombs

In the second day of the Jaresh survey, tombs are the focus. David’s team is attempting to survey endangered tombs in the area. Building over underground tombs is a common practice in the area, with occupants sometimes using the tombs as basements. Building on these tombs sometimes causes them to collapse, making these surveys and documentation efforts even more critical.

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Rootstech Family History & Technology Conference – Day 1

I first heard about Rootstech late last year, and thought “Genealogy and technology! What’s not to love about this???” I must admit, my second thought was, “Maybe I can finally see that library!” I imagine something out of a fantasy painting with a wizened old man sitting at a cluttered table in front of bookshelves that stretch into infinity in every direction. I doubt its going to be like that, but I’ll let you know late Friday (or more likely, early Saturday) as that’s when I finally get to see it!

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