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alltop_125x125 adds Voices of the Past to its Social Media Page. Sweet!

For a while now I’ve used Alltop to keep up with the thought leadership in the online world. I never imagined that Voices of the Past would be added to it. But there we are! On the Social Media page with folks like Mashable, Chris Brogan, Liz Strauss and a host of other greats. That alone […]


Social Networking for Conservators

Many in the heritage industry are embracing social media as a means of connecting to the public, and one another, there are a small, but growing, number of conservators who have joined in this communication explosion. Sadly the conservation profession as a whole remains somewhat wary of embracing social media. Though not to be downhearted […]

Sabra Smith

Meet the Blogger: Sabra Smith of “My Own Time Machine”

In a world where heritage values are challenged by the economy yet empowered with new media, blogger Sabra Smith faces these challenges head-on and relates her own journey through the blog, “My Own Time Machine.”


Who will advocate for the next generation of heritage professionals? A cautionary tale for university preservation programs

Losing a historic structure is a sad thing. Losing generations of folks to expertly protect cultural heritage is much, much worse. This past week, Louisiana’s Board of Supervisors for higher education rubber-stamped a proposal from Northwestern State University of Louisiana to eliminate the university’s bachelor’s and master’s degrees in heritage resources just as these groundbreaking interdisciplinary programs were hitting their strides. The Master of Arts in Heritage Resources (MAHR) was on track triple its number of graduates in the next year.

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