NY Times: Conservation of Reinhardt painting is "hit and miss"

Ad Reinhardt Black Paintings
Tourists view an Ad Reinhardt Black Painting. Photo by "ListenMissy!" on Flickr

The New York Times reports about the dilemmas faced by Guggenheim conservators trying to restore one of Ad Reinhardt’s “Black” paintings. Using x-ray and laser techniques, the conservators were tasked with removing acrylic paint that had been used in the past to cover damage to the fragile oil painting.

The Guggenheim is featuring the painting, and telling the story about its conservation in an exhibit titled “Imageless: The Scientific Study and Experimental Treatment of an Ad Reinhardt Black Painting,” which runs through Sept. 14.

You can also read an interview with conservator Carol Stringari by heading over to the ArtInfo site. Stringari  worked on the Reinhardt “cadaver” for six years. The interview includes photos of Stringari at work and the technology she used to perform the conservation work

This YouTube video includes one of the Black Reinhardt paintings at the Guggenheim.


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