Beneath the Bricks Volunteer Archaeology

Fostering community understanding amid inconvenient archaeology

When my hometown’s historic bricked main street was unearthed to perform archaeology in preparation for repair, the community was understandably concerned about the implied delays.  I wrote this article about “Beneath the Bricks,” an ad-hoc committee  that sought to educate the community about the project’s importance despite the many logistical inconveniences it caused to the public’s daily routines. They held public informational events and used the web and local media to share information about the excavation. It’s a great case study in how heritage professionals and enthusiasts can be proactive in engaging communities before, during and after heritage projects to foster support for activities that may be inconvenient for a time. This was featured in “Past Horizons: The Journal of Volunteer Archaeology,” published out of Scotland. The article begins on page 30.

Past Horizons May 2009 Issue 8 (Read in Full Screen Mode) by David Connolly on Scribd

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