Book Review: Dek Unu

Dek Unu: Another Tomorrow Book Cover Dek Unu: Another Tomorrow
Gor De Meel
New Generation Publishing
November 24, 2014

When I read a book review that says “I could not put this book down” I’m always a bit skeptical. But Dek Unu qualifies for this superlative statement. The only thing I knew about it when I started to read it was that it had some archaeology in it, and one of the early quotes that hooked me is “Knowledge of the past is knowledge of ourselves, he kept telling himself. If we don’t take history to heart, we have no future.”

While it contains those heritage values I hold dear, it more so blends my other favorite genres—Sci-Fi, fantasy and post-apocalyptic fiction to create the most pleasantly surprising read I’ve experienced in a while. The book is built in layers, with each piece of the narrative taking a slightly different approach as the story builds. Why did mankind fall? Who are the Protectors and what is their interest in us? What the destiny of the select children? Is life without faith a life of choice?

There are many intriguing plot and philosophical issues, but what makes this book shine is the skill of the narrative. It’s clean, well paced and entirely natural. Something you want to savor. Whether it’s debate among scholars or violence in the back alleys, Dek Unu is always accessible. With all the mysteries, the biggest remains who is Gor de Meel, author of such coolness?

Note: This book was provided as a review copy from the publisher

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