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Preserving Our Global Heritage through Volunteer Archeology

by Dylan Staley

Drawing from the same ideas that fueled last week’s blog post about Voluntourism, there are many other opportunities to volunteer your time to the cause of heritage.

But the question is this: Where do I find these opportunities?

Past Horizons is a service that seeks to aggregate many different archeological opportunities for people of all skill ranges to get involved with the field of archeology and heritage preservation. The website is host to countless descriptions of projects going on around the globe. It’s not limited to the United States or the United Kingdom; its project listing includes projects from Belgium, Romania, Tunisia, Bulgaria, and numerous other countries (around sixty-five in all!)

But Past Horizons is not just about helping you to find that perfect project. They also have a beautiful digital publication of the same name that uses articles, images, and even video to bring you the latest in the world of archeology. The latest issue is 46 pages of the most interesting and captivating news in the field of archeology: from the discovery of the 118th Egyptian pyramid to the restoration of El Pilar, an ancient Mayan city.

Past Horizons also produces a weekly podcast called “Archeology News Weekly.” Just like the digital magazine the podcast is composed of, as its name would imply, the latest in archeology news.

While all this information may be astounding, what is even more so is the basic idea that governs all aspects of the site: the idea that people wish to become more involved with the world they live in. Everyday, we wake up in the most interesting place in our lives. While we may get bored with the sights of everyday life, Past Horizons seeks to kindle a love of our world within us through engaging news and opportunities to give back to the world we live in, and preserve our heritage for generations to come.

For more updates from Past Horizons, visit their blog.

David Connolly has also done work with both Past Horizons and Preservation Today. Click here to view episodes from his live video blog of the archeological dig at Jerash, a dig that is also featured in the January ’09 issue of the Past Horizons digital magazine.

Thumbnail by Wessex Archaeology on Flickr

David Connolly V-log: The team hits a milestone

To demonstrate how his work skills “measure up,” David examines a granite pillar in Jerash. His next examination turns political as he asks “would you trust ‘Winkie’?” Then comes a milestone in the team’s discovery. Actually they “uncovered” three milestones–of the Roman variety. This is video you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else!

For more information on Roman Milestones:

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