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Top five sources for disaster response information

With the frequency of epic disasters in recent years, the preservation community is quickly adopting the Boy Scout motto “be prepared” in its approach to the recovery of heritage resources. Pages dedicated to the topic are popping up all over the web. Here are our picks for five of the best.

AIC Disaster Recovery Resources

The American Institute for Conservation links to recovery of various types of materials and also health-related considerations. Disaster-related articles from back Issues of the Journal of the American Institute for Conservation (JAIC). Also links to the findings of the Ground Zero/World Trade Center disaster.

Disaster planning for collections

The Society for Historical Archaeology administers this page on disaster response. It is practical in its approach, giving details on useful publications as well as ordering information. It also includes step-by-step instruction (with images, no less) on needed supplies, triage considerations and drying methods.

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NCPTT disaster recovery page

The official disaster recovery site for the National Park Service, this site links to pages with of FEMA and the Heritage Emergency National Task Force. Content can be filtered by need, including damage assessment, earthquakes, fires, floods, hurricane recovery, wet recovery. Also contains downloadable PDFs and National Weather Service advisories.

Solinet Preservation Disaster Recovery Page

Easy-to-navigate page of links listed by both disaster and material type. Also includes a handy “advice” section on preparedness and choosing vendors as well as navigating the FEMA and disaster aid process.

National Trust Flood Recovery

An assortment of flood response web pages and pdfs assembled as a direct response to the summer floods in the Midwest. Includes a breakdown of the affected area by state along with links to affected cultural institutions.

We know there have to be additional resources out there. If you know of others, please share them.

Disaster recovery playlist from YouTube

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Slow Earthquake Recovery in Wells, Nev.

Six months ago a 6.0 earthquake shook Wells, Nev., collapsing four homes, damaging 35 buildings and causing destruction of the area. Glass and bricks are still strewn in the streets and downtown looks as if the earthquake happened yesterday.

Federal officials estimated that uninsured damages reached $778,600, but unfortunately this was not enough to qualify for aid from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. City leaders say that uninsured damages to public buildings and homes was actually over $5 million. Twice the amount of Wells’ budget.

In a time where natural disasters are destroying cities, homes and communities across the globe, the predicament that Wells is in shows what can happen when disaster strikes an area where most are uninsured. In California, where a 5.4 quake shook the state just last week, less than a fifth of residents have earthquake coverage.

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