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The Impromptu Review: Best Camera Cafe’ EVER …

The Camera Cafe

Okay, so maybe it’s the only one. A fit of inspiration hit me and I was desperate to blog, so it was actually the WI-FI INTERNET sign that drew me in. Camera Cafe’ is on Museum Street, which is located across from the British Museum entrance. On entering, the first thing you see are scores of old film (gasp!) SLR cameras–along with two or three “regulars” around a glass counter. Camera equipment occupies every little nook and cranny of the tiny shop. It almost reminds me of the old Star Trek episode with the Tribbles.

Moving toward the back is the equally tiny Cafe’ area, along with two or three “regulars” around a formica counter. Whether the people there were really regulars or not, I don’t know. Its atmosphere is so relaxed that after five minutes, I was deep into a conversation with two guys at the table next to me. Considering the size of the room and the tables, we were practically sitting together anyway.

There were three main courses on the menu: chicken chow mein, vegan chow mein and special chow mein. The curiosity was just too much. I had to see what was so “special.” It turned out to be special indeed. Basically, the chow mein noodles were mixed with fresh spinach, chicken and seafood. The dish was presented beautifully, and boy was there a lot of it. I topped it off with carrot cake and a Diet Coke, which was provided with a frozen mug. All this in a camera shop? Amazing.

This is one of the few places in London that doesn’t take a credit card, so be prepared to hand over a few pounds and then gain some back–around your midsection.

And if you go, see if my travel power adapter is still plugged into the wall between the lens shelf and the first table!